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Are you looking for independent Software testing service Provider Company to help improve your IT application quality? After doing in-house research for testing solutions, are you still clueless about improving quality and performance of your IT application?

Now you don’t need to spend thousands of rupees to build and maintain testing team and process. Instead, you can use cost-effective solutions provided by QA software testing service providers from all over the world.

Our company can provide you the best solutions and more control over the process, resulting in higher productivity of your existing teams and releases. Outsourcing testing work to specialized service providers is always the best solution for cost-cutting and building a high-quality competitive product in the market.

• Post-recruitment Training

P-IT, with its work-readiness training, can pitch in and turn your new recruits into highly productive resources in the least possible time

• Issue-based Training

We take specific work related issues, and design short and effective software training programs which can quickly equip your resources to overcome any skill gaps and put your priority projects back on the fast-track.

• Project Preparatory Training

P-IT can design customized and specific project preparatory training modules which not only seal the skill gaps, but also look at specific and generic issues which your resources should be equipped with when working on projects of specific nature.

Training Offered By Us

•             Business Process Management

•             Information Technology

•             Soft Skills

•             Software Developments

BPM Solutions: training systems transform an employee from a novice to a well-rounded contributor and eventually a perfect manager. We offer services ranging from New Hire Training, Call Quality monitoring, Voice Assessments, Front Line Managers to Pre-process Training

BPM Domain Training: These are training solutions related to a particular field of specialization. The fields covered by Pinnacle are: Finance and Accounting/Digital Marketing and Content Development.

Business Training Program for BPMs: provides training solutions to employees at every stage in their careers. The solutions include: English language/soft skills/campus to corporate/ Managerial Skills/Client Interaction Suites


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